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Anti diabetes Tea 250gm

Anti diabetes Tea 250gm

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It is a
combination of most powerful ingredients which are known to control diabetes.
A blend of diabetes fighting herbs like Gymnema Sylvestre, Swertia Chirata
and other herbs along with Darjeeling Green Tea helps to regulate your blood
sugar level and also regulate insulin.

Steps To Brew : Boil water at 90-95°C, add 2gm of Anti-diabetes Tea in a
cup & pour 200 ml water on tea and let it brew for 5-6 minutes. Cover the
lid during infusion.

Get 2 reusable teabags free with every order and a free cup worth Rs. 250
on purchase of Rs. 500 and above.
It is not a medicine. The ingredients are known to
fight diabetes. This tea is bitter in taste and is recommended for diabetes