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organic linen soap by kaura india

Linen Soap

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Linen soap is made with sea salt and extra virgin coconut oil that creates a big bubbly creamy lather. It helps to deeply cleanse your skin by removing the impurities.


The coconut oil has nourishing fatty acids that help to naturally hydrate and defend the skin and the extra virgin olive oil acts as a natural moisturizer that helps to soften the skin.

And, how can we miss the chocolate aroma of cocoa butter which also forms a protective barrier over the skin to prevent moisture loss.

The soap helps to kick start your day by refreshing your skin and making it healthy.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Saponified coconut oil, Extra virgin olive oil, Hand-harvested sea salt, Salted water, Distilled water.


Q. Which soap bar should I use if I have oily and acne-prone skin?

Ans. Aloe and cucumber soap is the most suitable soap for getting rid of your oily skin.

Q. My skin gets dry very easily, which soap would solve my problem?

Ans. We have confetti soap which helps to keep your skin hydrated without losing the natural oil content of your skin.