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Exfoliating Sakura Konjac Sponge

Exfoliating Sakura Konjac Sponge

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Konjac sponge is a gentle cleansing exfoliator made from the konjac root, a porous root vegetable that grows in Asia. These are really gentle on the skin and ideal for daily exfoliating.
  • Mildly cleanses and exfoliates the skin
  • Instant glow
  • Draws our impurities and dead skin cells
  • Evens skin tone and build skin cells

About ClayCo (Rituals of Japan):

In Japanese culture, true beauty comes from within and reflects the poise and confidence that no product can buy. Our collection is mindful of the essential pillars of Japanese beauty: Minimal, Consistent, Long-Lasting, Soulful and Traditional Ingredients fused with Modern Science. Unlock the inner beauty that shines from within with ClayCo's 'Rituals of Japan' range.


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