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Wisdom Solid Shampoo Bar

Wisdom Solid Shampoo Bar (Repairing + Strengthening | Chemically-Treated Hair)

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The wisdom shampoo bar is made with the blend of calming lavender, a touch of sweet basil, warming sage and cedarwood and amazing & powerful herb oil for hair - rosemary essential oil.

These rich ingredients of shampoo bar help soothe scalp inflammation, neutralise hair roots and oxidative stress, preventing a major issue, hair fall.



  • 100% essential oil
  • Sustainable+cruelty-free
  • Lasts approximately 50-75 washes (may vary!)
  • Equivalent to 2-3 16 oz bottles of liquid product
  • Color-safe can be used with extensions

KEY INGREDIENTS: Sodium coco isethionate needles, sodium coco isethionate powder, shea oil.

ESSENTIAL OILS: Lavender 40/42, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, clary sage, sweet basil, cedarwood, and dl-panthenol


Its usage process is similar to a normal shampoo.

You can either apply shampoo directly to wet hair or create a lather in your hands, then apply to hair. Start at the scalp, massage gently through hair until desired lather is reached then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.


Store in a dry place. Our bars last longer and perform best when allowed to dry between lather. We recommend storing them in a soap dish with drain holes and Keeping them away from water splash when not in use.